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Patriarchate of Constantinople
His Grace Emmanuel (Adamakis), Archevêché grec, 7 Rue Georges Bizet, 75116 Paris

Archevêché des Églises Orthodoxes Russes en Europe Occidentale
His Grace Job (Getcha) 12 Rue Daru, 75008 Paris ;

Patriarchate of Moscow
His Grace Nestor (Sirotenko), 26 Rue Péclet, 75015 Paris ;

Patriarchate of Serbia
His Grace Luka (Kovacevic), Serbian Diocese in France and in Western Europe (France, Benelux countries and Iberian peninsula), 23 Rue du Simplon, 75018 Paris

Patriarchate of Romania
Metropolitan Joseph (Pop), Metropolitanate of Western and Southern Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands and Belgium), 1, Bd. du Général Leclerc, 91470 Limours

Patriarchate of Antioch
Metropolitan Ignatius (Al Hochi), Metropolitanate of Western and Central Europe (France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria), 22 Avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris

Georgian Church
Parish : 6-8 Rue de la Rosière Paris 15e; Father Artchil Davrichachvili 27 Rue Desaix 75015 Paris


Archbishop Gregorios, Greek Archidiocese of Thyateira, 5 Craven Hill, London W2 3EN

Russian Archidiocese of Moscow, 67 Ennismore Gardens, London SW7 1NH

For the other addresses, see the Directory of Great Britain


Kommission der Orthodoxen Kirche in Deutschland
website: www.kokid.de (see Schüler, Universität, Jugend; also www.orthodoxer-jugendbund.de)
- Orthodoxe Fraternität in Deutschland : website: www.orthodoxfrat.de
- Orthodoxie Aktuell Heinkelstr. 8, 42285 Wuppertal
website: www.kokid.de

Ecumenical Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople
a)Metropolitanate of Germany and Exarch of Central Europe
Metropolitan Augustinos, Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Strasse 2, 53227 Bonn ; website: www.orthodoxie.net
b)Archidiocese of the Russian churches in Western Europe, 12 rue Daru, 75008 Paris
c)Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy in Western Europe, 2 Azalealaan, 3600 Gand, Belgium

Patriarchate of Antioch
Exarchate of Central and Western Europe , 22 Avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris ; website: www.rum-orthodox.de

Patriarchate of Moscow
Diocese of Berlin and Germany, Archbishop Feofan, Wildensteiner Strasse 10, 10318 Berlin

Patriarchate of Belgrade
Serbian Diocese of Central Europe, Bishop Konstantin Djokic, 12 Obere Dorfstraße, 31137 Hildesheim-Himmelsthür ; website: www.serbische-diozese.org
49 Putbrunnerstrasse, 81739 Munich
Patriarchate of Romania
Metropolitanate of Germany and Western and Central Europe, Metropolitan Seraphim, 166 Fürterstrasse, 90429 Nürenberg ; website: www.mitropolia-ro.de

Patriarchate of Bulgaria
Metropoliten Antony, Diocese of Central and Western Europe, 73 Krausenstrasse, 10117 Berlin


Greek Church
Metropolitanate of Austria and Exarchate of Hungary and Central Europe Centrale (seat in Vienna)
13 Fleischmarkt, 1010 Vienne; website: http://www.agiosgeorgios.at/

Russian Church (Patriarchate of Moscow)
2 Jauresgasse, 1030 Vienna
website http://www.nikolsobor.org

Romanian Church
(under the Metropolitanate of Germany and Central Europe under Metropolitan Seraphim (Joanta) residing in Germany)
161 Simmeringer Hauptstrasse, 1110 Vienna
website www.rumkirche.at

Serbian Church
(under the Serbian Diocese of Central Europe in Germany)

Bulgarian Church
(under the Bulgarien Diocese of Western and Central Europe)
Archimandrite Joan (Jelkov), Barichgasse 33/21, A-1030 Wien


Swiss Archdiocese of the Oecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Archdiocese of Switzerland, 282 Route de Lausanne, 1292 Chambésy

Centre orthodoxe: http://www.centreorthodoxe.org/
et de l'Institut: http://www.institutorthodoxe.org/

Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Moscow)
Russian Orthodox Auferstehungskirche, 10 Narzissenstrasse, 8006 Zurich
26 rue Péclet, 75015 Paris

Romanian Orthodox Church
Diocese of Western and Southern Europe / Deanery of Switzerland
Archbishop Joseph Pop, 1, bd. du Général Leclerc, 91470 Limours (France) website: www.mitropolia-paris.ro

Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland (Patriarchate of Belgrade)
The Serbian Orthodox bishop in Munich is responsible for Central Europe
website : www.serbische-diozese.org

Orthodox Parish of the Patriarchate of Antioch in Geneva
For the Antiochian Orthodox Parish in Geneva, contact the Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe, 22 Avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Archbishop Michel, 9 rue Toepffer, Geneva

Website on the Orthodox Communities in Switzerland: www.orthodoxie.ch


Greek Orthodox Archbishopric: Church of Saint George of the Greeks, Castello 3422, Campo dei Greci, 30122 Venezia

The webistes of three Russian parishes under Moscow give a lot of information in Italian:

Russian Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (Rue Daru):
Chiesa Ortodossa Russa della Natività di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo e San Nicola, via Leone X, Florence

Serbian Metropolis of Zagreb, Ljubljana and Italy: http://www.manastir-lepavina.htnet.hr

Romanian Metropolis of Western and Southern Europe: http://www.mitropolia-paris.ro


Bulgarian Diocese of Western and Central Europe: http://www.rilaeu.com/i1bgeu.htm à mettre à jour


Patriarchate of Constantinople
Cathedral of Saints Andrew and Demetrios, Calle Nicaragua 12, Madrid 12

Patriarchate of Serbia
Archpriests Joan Garcia and Martí Puche, Parish of the Protection of the Mother of God, Carrer Aragó 181, 08011 Barcelona; websites : www.iglesiaortodoxa.es; http://members.tripod.com/~ortodoxia/; http://www.angelfire.com/music5/doxologia/Esglesies.html

Patriarchate of Bulgaria
(under the Diocese of Central and Western Europe, Berlin)
Deanery of Barcelona, http://rilaeu.com/BARCAbgeu.htm


Constantinople : http://www.iglesiaortodoxa.net/index_archivos/Page397.htm

L'Église russe au Portugal: http://www.orthodoxportugal.org/pt/

L'Église bulgare au Portugal: http://portugalia.dveri.bg/

L'Église roumaine au Portugal:


Metropolitanate of Belgium, Exarchate of The Netherlands and of Luxemburg (Patriarchate of Constantinople): http://www.eglise-orthodoxe.be
Archbishopric of Brussels and Belgium (Patriarchate of Moscow) : http://www.archiepiskopia.be
Centre of Orthodox Theological Studies of Saint John the Theologian: http://www.orthodoxie.be
Bulletin of the Orthodox Fellowship in Belgium: http://www.diakonia.be
Orthodox monastery in Belgium: http://www.orthodox.be

Archbishopric of Belgium, Exarchate of The Netherlands and of Luxemburg (Patriarchate of Constantinople):
- Metropolite Panteleimon (Kontoyiannis), Charbo Avenue 71, 1030 Brussels

Archbishopric of Brussels and Belgium (Patriarchate of Moscow):
Archbishop Simon (Ichounine) of Brussels and Belgium, Knights street 29, 1050 Brussels

To get the Annuary, contact Bernard Peckstdat, de Vrièrestreet 19, 8300 Knokke-Heist, phone/fax: 0032 50510074 ; e-mail : bernard.peckstadt@skynet.be


See the Yearbook published every year which can be obtained from the Orthodox Fellowship of Saint Nicholas of Myra


The website below provides more information (in Danish) about the Orthodox Church in Denmark: www.ortodoks.dk


Some websites in Norway:


Websites : (all in Swedish)
www.svensk-ortodoxi.org (on Swedish Orthodoxy, specially on the Parish of Saint Anna)
www.ryskaortodoxakyrkan.se (Parish of the Holy Transfiguration)
www.sirillus.se (link of Father Bengt Pohjanen in Överkalix)
www.anastasismedia.se (the Orthodox publishing house)

Addresses (to be completed with web sites above)

Greek Orthodox (Patriarchate of Constantinople)
Metropolitan Paul, Birger Jarlsgatan 92, 11420 Stockholm
Russian-Orthodox under the Patriarchate of Constantinople (Kristi Förklarings Ortodoxa Församling)
Birger Jarlsgatan 98, 11420 Stockholm
Patriarchate of Moscow (Helige Sergijs Rysk-ortodoxa Församling)
Bellmansgatan 13, Stockholm
Serbian Church
Stamvägen 80, 12539 Älvsjö
The Cathedral of Saint Sava, Bägerstavägen 68, 120 47 Enskede Gård (Stockholm)
The Monastery of The Holy Trinity
Ingelstorp-Liderna, 504 96 Bredared
Bulgarian Church
Narviksgatan 9, 164 33 Kista

Church of Finland
c/o Cedergren, Floragatan 7 II, 114 31 Stockholm
The Orthodox Church of Saint Nikolaos, Bellmansgatan 13, Stockholm (shared by the Finnish and Estonian Orthodox)
Church of Macedonia
Hagalundsgatan 5, 214 39 Malmö

The Orthodox Bookstore (Ortodox Bokhandel) Johannesplan 1, 4 tr., 11138 Stockholm


The Finnish Orthodox Church, Karjalankatu 1, FI-70110 Kuopio, Finland

In the future, in order to check the addresses of the bishops which may change, consult Orthodoxia published every year by Ostkirchliches Institut, Ostengasse 31, 93047 Regensburg, Germany.



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